Satellite Internet

I have had a few questions lately about Satellite Internet service for areas that do not have access to Cable or DSL.

I do not have details about specific satellite providers. My advice is to comparison shop and look for the best price.

Before signing on the dotted line, I recommend that you ask for references from clients in your area that you can question to make sure that they are satisfied with the service. If the service does not work well for a neighbor, it probably will not be any better for you.

The website High-Speed Internet Access provides a guide for various types of high-speed internet service, including Cable, DSL, Wireless, and Satellite. This is one source to help you determine if Satellite Internet is right for you. There is a partial listing of some Satellite providers.

Other helpful websites are DSL Reports and,, and High Speed Internet Deals.

All of these web sites can help you determine what high speed internet services are available in your area as you evaluate the options for the choice that best fits your situation.

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