Law Changes Daylight Saving Time – Takes Effect 2007

This year will be the first year for the new Daylight Saving Time
start and end dates to go into effect. Instead of starting the first
Sunday of April, it is now the second Sunday of March. It is March 11
this year. Instead of ending on the last Sunday of October, it now
ends the first Sunday of November. It is November 4 this year.

Microsoft is NOT providing patches for automatic updating of older
versions of Windows. Even Windows 2000 Pro and Server are too old for
this. Other Microsoft programs, such as older version of Outlook and Exchange are also affected. You will need to make sure that any Microsoft programs you use, that rely on dates are eligible for an update, or require more money for the latest version.

The law to change the start and end date of Daylight Saving Time was passed a couple of years ago. For the majority of computer users in the U.S. and Canada, this may be an inconvenience. If you have Windows 98, ME, or 2000, Microsoft will not provide an update for the automatic changing of your PCs clock on the new dates.

There are two options:

1.) Live with it and change the time manually. This is inconvenient if you have a lot of PCs and Servers to update. This can also lead to data issues. Some databases can have synchronization issues if the time on the PC and the time on the server are different. This will require diligence on the part of users.

2.) Use the Time Zone Edit utility provided by Microsoft, or use one the the available third party programs for correcting the Time Zone. NOTE: The tzedit.exe provided by MS does not work with Win9x. Here is the KB article with more information.

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