Sleeping Squirrel

Yesterday was a gorgeous day and I spent it doing chores in the yard.

The boys spent the day avoiding doing chores in the yard. 😉

I sat down to rest about 2:30 in the shade of the house on the deck.

I looked up and saw this squirrel eating the buds on the tree in the neighbor’s backyard behind us.

A short time later, I looked up and saw that the squirrel was laying sprawled on a branch, with its legs hanging over the side of the branch. I had never seen a squirrel do this, so I grabbed my digital camera and zoomed in all the way. I have cropped it to show the squirrel, and make it smaller for email.

Now that I have the picture on my PC, it seems that the squirrel was just resting, since its eye appears to be open.

This was just too cute not to share.

Happy Easter!

Sleeping Squirrel

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