The End of Support for Win98, Win98SE, and WinME?

I just saw this article:

It references the horse’s mouth here:

Update June 9, 2006: Win98, Win98SE, WinME support ends early. See this article:

This is both a good and bad thing. It will help minimize the number of Windows OSes one needs on hand to support clients, but is bad, because good PCs that will run Win98, will not run Win2k or WinXP. Viruses and spyware will have a foothold on the net for years to come because of the technically ignorant, or those without the cash for a new PC.

Many of the computers that run Win98 are still very useful. For these computers, a move to Linux, which is fantastic for extending the lifespan of “obsolete” hardware, will now be a more viable option. With the end in site for security updates for the worst issues in Win98, those that want to use their PCs on the internet will need a viable alternative.

Win98 is still in use not just in homes, but in many small businesses and non-profit organizations. Even though a new WinXP Home PC can be purchased for $500.00 or less, if you do not have $500.00, it is a lot of money. Especially if all you do is documents, spreadsheets, email, and web surfing.

Kairos Computer Solutions can help if you have an older PC running Win98 or WinME, and are not in a situation for a new PC. We can help you determine if your current PC is a good candidate for running Linux.

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