Volume Settings

I am frustrated with the lack of individual control of the volume on a shared PC. It is a dual-boot Windows/Linux PC. I can have the volume just right in Linux, but be blasted out when I boot to Windows. Likewise, I can have the volume for one Windows user just right, and another user will change it, and it affects the volume settings for all users.

If documents, wallpaper, etc. can be controlled by individual users, why can’t the volume be controlled to each user’s tastes? The volume is in part a function of the sound card, but there ought to be a way to control it to the taste of each user. If anyone knows of a free or low-cost program to keep sound at the level set by each user, please send me an email.

On a related note, I wish that all TV and radio stations had to use the same volume level, so I could change the channel and avoid the situation of not being able to hear some channels and then getting blasted out by others. This is not only frustrating to the person trying to watch TV or listen to the radio, but late at night it can lead to an unhappy spouse who was rudely awakened. Other than having to spend money to get a Tivo or similar device, if they can handle this situation, I think the only option is for the FCC to step in.

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