Spilled Drink On Keyboard

If you spill your drink on your keyboard, power down your PC and unplug it from power. Get a towel to get all the moisture you can. Turn the keyboard over and lay on the towel. Once it has had time to dry out, you should be okay to continue. If it is a sugary drink, such as regular soda, you can use a damp cloth to get the sticky off. Sticky drinks may make the keys less responsive. On a standard keyboard, the keys can be removed for individual cleaning. Since keyboards sell for about $10 – $15, it may be easier to buy a new one. If it is a laptop, you may need to pay for servicing, if the keys do not work properly. This will most likely void the warranty, if any. Laptop keyboards can also be replaced, but the price will vary by manufacturer and model. You can always plug in a regular keyboard, since they are cheaper, but it makes the laptop less portable.

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