Heartbleed Detector for Android Devices

I use Lookout Mobile Security to scan my Android phone and tablet for malware.

I got an email from Lookout today that they have a free Heartbleed Detector that lets you know if your Android devices are vulnerable.

NOTE: This is only the SSL in your phone, NOT the individual apps on your phone.

Of course, both my phone and tablet are vulnerable. Hopefully, my providers will have an update soon.

Each application’s security is up to each application’s developer to secure.


End of Life for Windows XP

Tuesday, April 8, 2014 is the day the last security patches will be available for Windows XP and MS-Office 2003. Microsoft will maintain MS Security Essentials until July, 2014, but Microsoft warns that just an up-to-date anti-virus program is not enough to guarantee you computer is secure.

Once you apply the March 11, 2014 update, you will get a nag screen like the following until you mark the box to stop showing it.

End of Support WinXP
End of Support WinXP

You will also get a warning from MS Security Essentials that you are no longer protected.

End of Support for MS Security Essentials
End of Support for MS Security Essentials

If you click the link for End-of-support guidance, you will get a page where Microsoft is urging you to buy a NEW COMPUTER with Windows 8.

If you have a computer that meets your needs, but has Windows XP, that same computer can continue to meet your needs.

The simplest way to enable your WinXP computer to meet your needs and keep your data secure is to disconnect from the internet. This option is not practical for the majority of computer users.

Another option would be to use a secure and up-to-date and maintained operating system, such a Linux. There are various flavors of Linux and they are free. There are some limitations to how well Linux can keep your computer going. You will find that your computer is MUCH faster to get going and do your work than with WinXP.

The biggest limitation is that some games cannot be made to run on Linux.

If you need to be able to browse the web, like check your Facebook, and view YouTube videos and work with documents and spreadsheets, you can do it all with Linux.

The simplest way to use Linux is to copy all your data. You are already backing up all your data regularly, right?

Install Linux over the current install. This overwrites Windows and all your data, so if you don’t have a backup, all your data is lost.

The other method requires enough hard disk space. You can install Linux with a dual-boot option that lets you choose whether to run Windows or Linux when you start your computer. This option is best if you have some program that can’t be made to work in Linux, or for which there is no viable free alternative.

If you are interested in avoiding buying a new computer and keeping more of your hard earned money, contact me for assistance in making the switch to Linux.

For $50.00, I can get you step-by-step instructions to do it yourself.

For remote support for me to help verify the information you will need to do your own Linux installation, $75.

If you want phone support or remote support for me to help verify the information you will need to do your own Linux installation, contact me for pricing.

For those who are local, contact me for arrangements to drop off your computer.

  • $100 to install Linux. *
  • $50 to backup your data to CD/DVD if you don’t have a backup.
  • $50 to get your existing internet working with your “NEW” computer. (High Speed Internet Only.)
  • $25 to pick up and deliver your PC (25 mile radius).
  • If you want to pay to ship your computer to me, plus return shipping, prices as above.
    This is best done with a backup of your data first and insuring your computer for shipping.
    Contact me first to coordinate shipping. I suggest the remote option to make sure it is worth the expense. (This requires that you have a high speed internet connection.)

* (This includes verifying that installing Linux will work well your computer. If your computer is old enough, it would be better to get a new one.)