Diskette drive 0 seek failure


Your computer appears to not start with the cryptic message:

Diskette drive 0 seek failure

Strike F1 to retry boot, F2 for setup utility


Diskette is the key term to catch here. Relax, your hard drive is fine. If your PC has a floppy drive, it has either failed or had a cable come loose inside. If you have a newer computer that does not have a floppy drive, it means that somehow your BIOS has gotten changed to expect one.

In either case, a quick fix is to press F2 for the setup utility, look for the floppy drive and set Floppy A to none. Save the settings and now it will work.

This is evidently an issue on some newer Dells. I had to charge a client to fix a Dell that is still under warranty. Dell tech support said pop the case and check connections. Of course, the client was not comfortable with this. After checking cables and trying several other options, I googled the message. One would think that Dell has a knowledge base with this message that should remind the support tech to ask if there is a floppy drive. If no, then no need to crack the case. Instead they tick of one of their customers.