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Save on Gasoline/Save on Auto Diagnostic Fees

I saw a commercial tonight that said that in the U.S. alone, a huge amount of gasoline is wasted due to evaporation from missing or loose gas caps.

This reminded me of a situation I had. A car we use to have had the check engine light on, for quite some time. The automakers do not make it easy or cheap for the average user to find out what this means. I finaly paid the $50.00 to get it checked. The problem was a missing gas cap.

I learned that modern cars pressurize the system with air, so when there is a leak, such as from a missing gas cap, the check engine light comes on. I could have saved $50.00, if had known that a missing gas cap would make the check engine light come on.

I also think that if you want to complain about the price of gas, be sure you drive a properly tuned, fuel efficient car with a proper fitting gas cap. If you drive a suburban behemoth, I feel no sympathy for your plight. No one made you buy it. 😉