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Hipster PDA

I discovered the “Hipster PDA” earlier last month. See 43 Folders for more information.

This is basically just index cards held together with binder clips. The idea is related to less is more, KISS, and books promoting the idea of “getting to done”. It is a new take on getting oneself organized.

In that spirit, I also discovered self-stick index cards. They are not quite as wide as 1.5 standard post-it notes. The adhesive is also a lot better, and re-sticks well, and also sticks better to more kinds of surfaces. The Duck brand cost about 97 cents for a pack of 100, which is far less expensive than a small pack of post-it notes.

I find these self-stick index cards to be good for keeping seldom used computer commands around my PC. I can also organize different tasks, projects, and honey-dos in my work area. I can cross-off items as they are completed, and pitch the card when it is done.